background info

We are designers and engineers who are passionate about bringing the latest technology to make access control more secure, much simpler to install and more affordable to residential communities and commercial enterprises. Four years ago when were looking for an access control solution for our own company and community we realized that there needed to be a system that could be installed easily and would also support both smartphones and keycards users.  By putting a smartphone like device at each door and gate we managed to build an new access control that linked the doors together and let them communicate directly to the cloud. Through cellular or WiFi connections such a system uses the latest cloud architecture for the best security and delivers the most powerful access control with the lowest cost.

Our philosophy

We design and manufacture our own hardware and software so that they can be tailor-made for our customers' access control needs.

Our Business

We offer our customers the widest variety of access options, in the most secure ways and at the lowest cost. Our user friendly solutions are the latest in technology and security.